Monday, January 27, 2014

Makeup Tutorial | Viva La Glam

You're going to have to forgive me on this one for lack of photos. I was literally so stinkin tired last night I just could not bring myself to do the other side of my face... yep that's right. I only did one eye ball.. not to mention my losing battle with the falsies. ((Not that I need them... I just wanted to intensify this look)). ANYway, here it is.. Viva La Glam.. 

P.S.-- excuse my brows, I ran out of brow wiz & had to improvise.

Step 1 - The Basics

Prime the eyeballs.


Apply a white/creamish color to the brow bone. I used Mac Gesso. 

 Step 2 - Crease 

Using a crease brush, apply Makeup Geek Creme Brulee (light brown with peachy undertones) to the crease, blending out to the length of your eyebrows.

Step 3-- The Tape Method

Take a piece of Scotch Tape & Apply to the back of your hand & peel off 2-3 times to get rid of some of the adhesivenizz. Line up tape with edge of the eye as if you were creating a wing.

Using a dark grey (Mac Typographic) apply alongside the tape with any brush that has a flat edge. I used MAC 242. With the tip of the brush create a V on the lid. Reapply Creme Brulee with a blending brush & blend these 2 colors together. You can be messy. I promise it's IMPOSSIBLE to mess this up.

Step 4- Cat Eye

Reapply Typographic in that V formation. I wanted mine to go up slightly higher than I originally had it . Darken with a Matte Black and trace along side the tape. Keep blending & re-applying until desired.
Peel off Tape...... and you have the perfecttttt Cat Eye!

Step 5- Add the Glitz

Spray a spritz of MAC FIX+ into your hand & dip an application brush soaking in the FIX+.
Dip the wet brush into a loose pigment (Utopia- Makeup Geek)... P.S.-- Loose pigments are everywhere! Maybelline Hip High Intensity has a variety of glittery choices. Jessie's Girl from Rite Aid also sells like 36764 shades of loose pigment (they are more shimmery than glittery).

Apply on lid & Let Dry.

Step 6- Touch Ups

This goes to show how tired I was because I deleted all photos of the rest of the process from here on out. After pigment has dried, touch up any "empty" spots (as you can see, mine needed touched up toward the center of the crease area). Let that dry & use the Matte Black to re-define the crease with the same brush edge (MAC 242--- eyeliner or flat, angled brushes work for this too). Blend out if necessary. 

Step 7- Put Your Face On

Apply a gel or liquid eyeliner & follow edge lines. Add falsies if you wish. I planned on throwing them on & they just were NOT having it.. sometimes we don't get along.

Apply the rest of makeup (primer, foundation, blush, bronzer, etc..)

** Utopia is a VERY messy pigment. I had glitter all o'er my face, so you might need to wipe off excess glitter or shadow fall first with a damp wash cloth.

Step 8- The Final Touch

Slightly smoke out the bottom lash line. Do this subtly because of how intense the lid is. Pop ANY color in there. I used purple because it enhances green eyes (From BH Cosmetics Day & Night Palette).

OR smoke out with a dark brown. (I say this instead of using Typographic, because I don't like grey standing alone on the eye.. it's just not flattering, in my opinion. It needs to be mixed or washed out with something else). But I promise, if the brown is dark enough you won't even notice. Ex- MAC BRUN.

Apply a white, or light shimmery shade in the tear duct (MAC Nylon).

The End.

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