Tuesday, December 30, 2014

2014 Beauty Favorites

Trying to compile this list of favorites was probably one the hardest things I've ever done haha just kidding, but it was difficult for such an indecisive person. I have grown to love so many products this year, and experimented with even more. To keep it as simple as possible, I narrowed my list to 13-- one for each month and one to grow on (you should be proud of me). So, without further adieu, I present my favorite beauty products of 2014 (in no particular order of course). 

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Holiday 2014 | Makeup Tutorial

Hello everyone! Hope you are all in the holiday spirit!! I know I sure am. As of lately though, my excitement isn't even about receiving gifts, but more so about giving! Crazy how much we grow up in just a few short years. Anywayssss, this look is super super easy and festive for the holidays! I went for a simple, yet fun eye and a bold lip. I wanted it to be universal, because hey, we all know I'm all about neutralism and making things simple. So here we go..

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Snakey Business | Fashion Post

I felt like a change up was in order for my blog, so I decided to do a fashion post. Nowadays my closet is almost completely filled with work clothes. The ratio of work and play is like 90:10. That may sound like a drag, and it was at first, but I've compiled a pretty snazzy collection of work wear I've grown pretty fond of. I finally feel like I am getting my "flare" back!

One thing I love about winter is wearing tights. Say what?! I've never actually met anyone other than myself that enjoys wearing tights, but I do! I've always had large calves so wearing tights
(dark ones at least) seem to slenderize the appearance of them. That means I've been going
 nuts wearing and buying pencil skirts lately. And my newest addition... this "Anaconda" print
pencil skirt by none other than Nicki Minaj.

What would you pair with this skirt?

Black Zipper Blouse (Similar here and here)//
Anaconda Skirt (Exact here)//
Chunky Pearl Necklace (Similar herehere; and here)//
Spike Bracelet (Almost Exact here)//
Michael Kors Watch (Exact here)// 
Black Booties (Exact here)//

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

My Portfolio

Today's post is going to be a short one. I hate being swamped at work, and even worse, taking my work home with me. Why did I have to grow up? Wahhh. On a brighter note, my boyfriend and I are taking the fur children to see Santa Clause tonight hahaha-- this shall be interesting! (Pictures soon to come). But anyway, sometimes I create looks I don't always blog about. If you've been reading my blog you know my favorite posts are tutorials. Makeup artistry is my passion. I'm not a journalist, nor am I writer saavy. I love love love makeup, and even more sharing my passion with others. One day I will get around to doing videos I promise. 

Some of these looks I created are random, some are intentional, and some just happened by mistake! I was cleaning out my phone the other day and did not realize how many looks I've done that I've hardly shared, if ever. What's the fun in that right? So I put a few together for you and plan on updating the page on the reg.

** Link is above in the navigation bar **

I list full product details on all looks. Comment below or on my Portfolio page if you would like to see a tutorial on any of these looks :) Enjoy!

Thursday, December 4, 2014

This or That? Maybelline Define a Brow VS Anastasia Brow Wiz

I cannot seem to shake this cold I've had for the past few days. After a night of insomnia, I woke up feeling like death. I have quite a few PTO days left for the year so I decided to take the day off and relax. What a better day to lay in bed during the Law & Order SVU marathon? Oh.. and to blog of course! Anyway,  onto the important stuff...

It's no secret Anastasia Beverly Hills is known for their amazeballs brow products, but how about Maybelline? Does a drugstore pencil add up? Or is the high end pencil even worth the hype? 
I did a comparison based on five categories: Application, Precision, Color, Durability, & Brushes. 
Here's my observation...

Monday, December 1, 2014

6 Easy & Affordable Christmas Gifts for Her

Oh the holidays... Thanksgiving has now passed and I am already up to my knees in stress thinking about buying Christmas gifts for everyone already, how about you?! I envy those who get the majority of their shopping done before Thanksgiving. I will never be one of those people no matter how hard I try. The good news is I have some awesome simple gift ideas for you that will suit all the women in your life! (men on the other hand... good luck!!)

DIY Body Scrubs

Take this idea and run with it. There is nothing women love more than pampering themselves, and more than likely, if they don't.. it's because they don't have the time or products to do so. Gifting her a scrub will give her a reason to treat herself & that's something every woman will be grateful for (and easy on your wallet). Here are a few of my favorite recipes:

Saturday, November 22, 2014

9 High End Beauty Products WORTH Buying

Hey guys! This post has been long over due, but highly recommended and very resourceful for y'all. I mean, let's be honest, walking into a Sephora, Ulta or MAC can be highly overwhelming especially looking at the price tag of everything. I get asked soooo often "What's the best of this or that, or is X product worth the hype, etcc...". So here I am to get rid of all that grey noise and let you know which high end products I not only recommend, but are 100% in my opinion worth the money and value. Though if you read my blog frequently enough you probably already know which products I'm going to mention!

Sunday, November 16, 2014

NYX Love In Paris "Merci Beaucoup" | Four Looks

One of my biggest pet peeves in the blogger/youtube beauty community is when one eye tutorial is composed of 634824873 different eyeshadows all from different palettes and brands, agreed? Because, let's be honest, we don't have the money to buy a whole new palette for ONE single eyeshadow right? The struggle is so incredibly real. As a result, I would like to start a new series to my blog : One Palette, Four Looks.. making the bang worth your buck! The one I chose to start with is the Love in Paris/ Merci Beaucoup palette from NYX. This baby is $10, available at Ulta, CVS, and probably more drugstores my town doesn't have hahaha.

Anyway, here we go..

Look 1 & 2- Day to Night

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Halloween Makeup Tutorial | Avatar

Hello everybody!! I am so happy to be back & blogging again! I missed you guys more than you know! I wanted to come back with a bang so what better way than a crazy fun Halloween tutorial? I was so excited when my friend asked me to paint her as an Avatar. Challenge accepted. And it turned out way better than I had ever anticipated and it honestly was not that difficult at all! I really wanted to take step by step photos (or a video) but I totally forgot until we were already half way in. I was just so in the zone haha. Anyway, if you want to see how I achieved this look, just keep reading! 

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Neutral Glam | Makeup Tutorial

Between proms and weddings, I have been extremely busy with my free lancing lately.
If you follow me on instagram, you probably saw one of the beautiful prom faces I had the privilege of painting. If not, you can see her HERE. Anyway, I received sooooo many compliments & thought I would share with you how to achieve this flawless look. This look is not only for prom, but it is a beautiful, neutral, glammed up look for any occasion.

To begin, I primed the lid as always (used Urban Decay Shadow Primer), and the face with L'Oreal Youthcode Pore Vanisher.

Monday, May 5, 2014

Cinco De Mayo | Makeup Tutorial

Okay. Let's be honest. We all use Cinco De Mayo as an excuse to drink an exorbant amount of margaritas until we fall on the floor. So we might as well look beautiful falling riiiighhht? Righht. But no, really, Cinco De Mayo is a wonderful holiday to celebrate joyfully! Anyway....

This look will be created using Maybelline's Eye Studio Quad in Coral Oasis. It's my favorite of the quads and every time I wear it, I get tons of compliments so I thought I would share it! Enjoy!

Sunday, May 4, 2014

All About Brushes Part 3 | Cleaning Your Makeup Brushes

So now that you have a basic understanding of brushes, you should know how to clean them. If you haven't read my first two posts about brushes, click HERE and HERE. I am going to be blunt.. your makeup brushes are disgusting. They are filled with old makeup, dirt, DEAD SKIN, and bacteria. Even when your brushes are not touching your face they are still collecting dust and dirt from microscopic particles flying in the air. If you don't wash your brushes, your face may break out, and you can get an infection in your eyes. Not to mention your application will be so much smoother when applying with clean brushes.

But I'm gonna be honest, cleaning my makeup brushes is more of a dreaded task for me than cleaning up cow manure...okay not really, but it's a close call! When I do a nice deep brush cleaning, I do this about once every 2 weeks, give or take. I, however, spot clean my brushes every few days... the brushes I use more frequently that is. 
Can you see why I hate washing all these babies?

Monday, April 14, 2014

Tis The Season To Be Tanner ☀

Spring is here and summer is right around the corner. This is the season us ladies tend to hit to hit the tanning beds most frequent in preparation for summer. Tanning Beds have got a lot of flack over the years and for good reason! We all are aware of the dangers of UV rays & skin cancer & blah blah blah.. So we'll just skip all that lecturing shit and jump right into what this post is really about. So, if you are looking for an alternative solution to the tanning bed, look no further. This is a rather long post so you might as well get a snack and a six pack.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Makeup Tutorial | Spring Copper Eye

Spring is here ladies and gentleman!!! YEEE!! So so exciting!! Even more exciting it's FINALLY baseball season :) :) haha anyway, here's a little spring tutorial using coppery shades. If you try this look you will be amazed as to how much more beautiful it looks in person than what is captured on camera. I literally go for this look almost every day now I love it that much. These tones will compliment almost any eye color, but especially bring out those green and baby blue eyes.

 1. After priming the lid, mix "Creme Brûlée" and "Peach Smoothie" (both by Makeup Geek) and apply generously to the crease with Sigma E40. Blend well.

2. Using Sigma E25 apply MAC "Brown Script" in the crease blending with transition shades. I find going in windshield wiper and circular motions work best with blending.
** If you are wondering how to perfectly blend out shadows so there are no harsh lines, applying a transition shade (in this case, Creme Brûlée & Peach Smoothie) helps your blending tremendously (MAC "Soft Brown" is my fav). It may seem like you cover up this layer with other shadows, but it makes such a difference in giving that "smoked out" look.

3. Next, take Tarte Amazonian Clay Smokey Shadow Stick in "Bronze" and apply to the lid.
Similar: Makeup Geek "Brown Sugar", Anastasia "Truffle" from Lavish Palette (or "Rum Cake" for lighter look), Too Faced "Haute Chocolate" from Chocolate Bar Palette ** Any brown shades with a copper undertone will work**

4. Go back in with the E25 and apply "Cocoa Bear" (Makeup Geek) and work into the crease just to make sure there aren't any harsh lines between the lid & crease ((this shade is almost identical to Brown Script, just slightly darker. I used this for added depth.))

Photo on the right reflects a more "true to color" photo than the other two. 
5. Next, spray MAC 242 with Fix+ and pick up "Coppering" by MAC. Add this to the outer lid, blending inward. I also stroked the brush into the crease to blend.

6. Add MAC "Gesso" to the brow bone to highlight, & MAC "Nylon" in Tear Duct.

7. Add a black winged liner (as always with me!), and tight line the upper waterline with a black liner (MAC Definedly Black), and the bottom with a nude liner (NARS Rue Bonaparte).

8. Then, smoke out the bottom lash line with "Brown Script" using any pencil brush. Make sure you take this the entire way over--inner corner to outer corner. Blend. Blend. Blend. Smoking out the lower lash line is really going to finish this look.

9. And finally, add mascara, and some falsies (MAC #7). I also used Milani Luminoso on the cheeks and Revlon Primrose + Stormy Pink on the lips.

Full Product List
Mary Kay Eye Primer
Dr. Brandt Pores No More
Makeup Geek- Creme Brûlée, Peach Smoothie, Cocoa Bear
MAC- Brown Script, Gesso, Nylon, Fix+
Maybelline Line Stiletto
KatVonD Tattoo Liner- Trooper
MAC- Definedly Black Prolongwear Liner
NARS- Larger Than Life Eyeliner- Rue Bonaparte

 Makeup Forever- HD Foundation- 126
MAC- Prep + Prime- Light Boost
NARS- Creamy Concealer- Custard
Maybelline- FitMe Foundation Stick- 330
NARS- Laguna
Milani- Baked Blush- Luminoso
Mary Kay- Mineral Foundation- Ivory 0.5
Benefit- They're Real!
Anastasia- Brow Wiz + Powder Duo- both Dark Brown
Revlon- Primrose + Stormy Pink

Have a good weekend beautifuls!


Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Jan-March 2014 Favorites

Hello loves!

Well, March flew by! I cannot believe it is APRIL!!!.. but that just means one day closer to the hot sun! These past few months I have bought more makeup than I needed. I mean seriously, I have enough samples to get me through an entire year, alone. That just means I have been testing, loving, hating, worshiping, and ditching a variety of products. Soooo, here's a list of my most LOVED products of 2014 (so far!)

L'Oreal Youth Code Texture Perfecter- It's been about a year since I started incorporating these into my skincare routine and have become obsessed. I first use the Serum Concentrate, followed by the Day & Night Cream. My skin has never felt so healthy, soft, and acne free! They are a bit pricey, but the results are totally worth it, and they last about 3 months (they smell good too!!) If you are looking for new skin care products, I highly recommend these. I literally cannot express just how amazing these products are.

Josie Maran Argan Oil- It acts as a moisturizer, has healing agents, gives skin a dewey glow, and is believed to help treat acne. Josie's Aragan Oil can also be used to treat split ends & can be used on the nails (which I have yet to try). One might think, "Wait, why would a gal with oily skin use an oil product?" The answer is crazy, but it actually balances sebum production (the overproduction of sebum glands is what causes oily skin). That means if you have dry skin, it will increase the sebum production.... it actually works BEST with dry skin. How it works on all skin types is just mind blowing to me. 

Tarte Eye Cream- I have dark under eye circles so I am constantly looking for ways to diminish and reduce them. They ain't cute! This had great reviews online so I thought what the hey why not! I can honestly say using at night, and in the morning, I am starting to see a reduction.. slowly, but surely! Yayy!! A+++ product!

Kat Von D Tattoo Liner- If you've followed my previous blog posts, you know a winged liner is my go to. To get that perfect "wing" this is what I use. I've never seen a liquid liner with such a precise point. It makes this process so very EASY, not to mention it lasts ALL day. No joke.. all flippin day. Go ahead, run a marathon.. I swear it won't smudge a hair. The only downfall is it tends to dry out. I'm not sure if it's the design of the pen or what. When it starts drying out I just run it under water for a second or two, replace the cap, shake it up, and it's back to normal. It's kind of a pain in the ass, but not a deal breaker. It's a must have for you liquid liner lovers.

Anastasia Lash Genius- I received this as a sample not really having any expectations and it honestly sat in my drawer for 2 weeks before I picked it up. This mascara is a clear, waterproof top coat. It basically seals your mascara to prevent it from flaking off. By noon I almost almost always have mascara dots on my face and they are sooooo hard to remove without messing up the rest of my makeup. Ever since I have been using this, my mascara does not fall.. not even a little bit. It is extra important to apply to the lower lashes as well. It's become so worthy I've added it to my "Stay Flawless" Routine ---> HERE. P.S.-- don't be turned off by its waterproof nature. ANYTHING waterproof will come off like butter with a makeup remover.

LUSH Fairly Traded Honey- Having dry, damaged hair, I am constantly in search of products to keep my locks luscious and healthy (especially because I don't get my hair cut professionally). I was rather skeptical buying this, but I have a problem controlling my impulses. The smell is so so, I've gotten used to it, and the texture is kind of thick. It takes me, at least, 2 shampoos before a lather is worked up. I HATED that about it at first, but still continued to use it. I am now half way through my first XXoz size bottle and OH MY GOSH. My hair has never felt or looked so healthy and smooth. I just can't even explain. I will honestly never buy another shampoo again.

Dr.Brandt Pores No More- This is very closely resembles Benefit POREfessional and basically does the same thing. I received this sample (are you seeing a pattern?) & have been using it frequently. The texture is almost like a mousse, but still has the silicone feel like Benefit's. A little bit goes a long way with this product. It's a tough call which one I like better, but I think this is an awesome alternative. It literally erases the appearance of pores (I think so even more than POREfessionall) and also leaves skin very soft.

Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette- This is actually a recent purchase of mine, but I have not been able to put it down since it arrived at my door. It truly does smell of chocolate...pure bliss. The colors have a nice pay off and the combination of matte/shimmery shades is perfect. I HIGHLY recommend this palette to a beginner or one looking for overall neutral shades.

Bellami Hair Extensions- Last, but certainly not least! I couldn't leave this post without mentioning the beautiful, luxurious Bellami's. ((Review HERE)). Because they are double drawn (pretty much 2 layers of hair) they are full of SO much volume top to bottom. Their customer service is top notch, and they have a variety of colours to choose from. Each set is hand made and composed of uniquely colored strands guaranteed to match your current hair color.... and they are highly affordable! HERE

** I'm wearing Bambina 160g 20" in Chocolate Brown**


Sunday, March 23, 2014

Mary Kay Makeup 2-in-1

Ahhhhhhhhh. I first wanna apologize for my temporary leave of absence. I have been so incredibly busy these past few weeks and lost track of my priorities there for a sec. I really have no idea how time has flew right under my feet and I have so many exciting things planned for you guys! So to make up for it, I am giving you a 2-in-1 look. If you did not already know, I used to sell Mary Kay Cosmetics. Some people think of it as old lady makeup, but they totally have some pretty legit stuff. I wanted to create a look using ALL their products because they get under credited here in the blogging world. It's just so sad. I made my own palettes to keep my shadows and blush (comment below if you want to see how I made them). All of MK's eyeshadows and blushes are magnetic and designed to fit in their custom palettes, which are awesome if you need makeup on the go, or if you are a person who likes to touch up throughout the day. But for storage purposes, they just take up too much room in my acrylic drawers. So anyway, enough about that, let's jump into what's really important.

1. The first look is a very easy, girly look that will brighten your face and is a perfect "day time" look. 

1. After priming apply "Pale Blush" Creme Shadow to the lid as a base.
2. With eye drops or MAC Fix+ spray brush and apply wet "Precious Pink" on lid.
3. Add "Hazelnut" to the crease blending well.

4. Apply "Sweet Plum" to the crease
5. Add Brown Liner to your preferred thickness.
6. With an angled brush, add "Espresso" over top liner.
7. Apply "Sweet Plum" to lower lash line, blending out with "Precious Pink"
8. Highlight Brow Bone & Tearduct with "White Lily" & "Crystaline"

Other Products Used:
MK Foundation Primer
MK Timewise Liquid Foundation Beige 1 C/O
MK Concealer-- Beige 1
Anastasia Brow Wiz + Brow Duo Powder
Blush: MK Bold Berry
MK Mineral Foundation for setting powder in Ivory 0.5
Lips: MK Pink Parfait

** Tip: Lightly sweep "Crystalline" or "Moonstone" over top cheek bones as a highlight.

2. The second look is a gold smokey eye that can easily be played up for a more dramatic look, and is also wearable for daytime. Gold hues compliment nearly every eye color so here ya go.

1. Start by priming the lid with Mary Kay Eye Primer (one of the best).
2. Take "Hazelnut" and apply to the crease in windshield wiper motions.
3. Using MAC Fix+ OR eyedrops, wet brush and apply "Amber Blaze" to the lid. With that same brush apply "Crystalline" to the center of the lid.

4. With a blending brush, softly apply "Chocolate Kiss" into the crease.
5. Add "Espresso" to the outer V
6. Add black liquid liner and lightly dust "Amber Blaze" over top the liner.
7. Apply a thin line of "Espresso" to the lower lash line and blend out with Amber Blaze & Pencil brush
8. Mix "White Lily" and "Crystalline" and apply to the tear duct and brow bone.
9. Finish with Ultimate Mascara

Other Products Used:

MK Foundation Primer
MK Timewise Liquid Foundation Beige 1 C/O
MK Concealer-- Beige 1
Anastasia Brow Wiz + Brow Duo Powder
Blush: MK Cinnamon Stick
MK Mineral Foundation (for setting powder) in Ivory 0.5
Lips: MK Sunset Lipstick + Melon Sorbet

Want to vamp it up a bit?
Add "Sienna" to the crease instead of "Chocolate Kiss" and apply "Coal" in the Outer V instead of "Espresso". Keep the solid black liquid liner and add a sassy wing. Pop on some Rock N Red Lip Gloss and you're officially Diva-fied.

See? Mary Kay isn't all granny. If you are interested in Mary Kay products and do not have a personal consultant, click HERE. Lisa was my director when I was still in MK, and is an awesome consultant (plus she is pink caddy owner!) She is amazing and will help you out no matter the distance!

What are your favorite Mary Kay products?


Sunday, March 2, 2014

At Home Spa Day

It just seems like it never stops snowingggg (in Maryland at least)! If you're feeling under the weather like I am, take yourself away to paradise without having to walk out in this treacherous weather. Sundays seem to be the only day I get to relax because I work Monday-Saturday, so I treat myself to this routine quite often!

This is my "feeling under the weather face"

DIY Milk Bath


1-2 cups of whole milk (organic preferred) OR coconut milk
½ cup of honey

Pour mixture into bath and swirl around water so it disperses evenly.

Have any old panty hose? Cut the foot off the panty hose so it is a "sock." Fill with 1/2 cup of oatmeal. Tie and throw in bath squeezing in water to release nutrients. You can then scrub your body with the sock to reap the exfoliating benefits.
Why I Love It: The lactic acid in milk is a natural exfoliant, and the honey moisturizes and softens skin. Oatmeal is just packed with so many benefits. Dry skin has a higher pH balance, and oatmeal is known is regulate the skins pH balance, thus reducing dry and itchiness (perfect for winter!) Oatmeal also contains Saponins, a cleansing agent found in many facial cleansers and shampoos. 

DIY Body Scrub

This is by far my favorite body scrub known to man-kind.


1/4 cup Brown Sugar
Dash Lemon Juice
1 Tbsp Honey
Olive oil

Start with brown sugar and gradually add in lemon and honey. Mix. Start adding in olive oil until sugar mix becomes damp. You don't want this to be runny... it will look like a bowl of lard. 

Tip: If you keep your honey refridgerated, throw in the microwave a few seconds.

Why I Love It: Brown sugar is an awesome exfoliater, if you weren't already aware. Also, the citric acid in lemon juice will gently peel away dead skin. And, the honey and olive oil will moisturize your skin
Facial Steaming

lol... looks ridiculous right? Totally worth it.
If the bath wasn't enough, I like to give my face a little "sauna" session. Buy facial sauna HERE. Fill pot with water and wait until it starts steaming. Rest face on bowl and slowly breath in and out for about 10-15 minutes.

If you are into essential oils, you can add them to the pot as well.

Why I Love It: Facial steaming helps release any dead skin cells, wastes and toxins, and dirt/bacteria that may be trapped in your skin. It also opens pores, which allows better absorption of any product you use after the steaming (why I like doing this first!). The process also stimulates blood circulation in your face, resulting in a soft, youthful glow!

DIY Facial Steamer: Throw on a pot of boiling water, reduce to simmer and remove from heat. Hold face about 12inches away from pot and drape a towel over your head and around the pot to keep the heat in.

DIY Facial Masks

Depending on your skin type and concerns, the perfect facial mask for you will vary. I like using the one for oily skin with tomatoes and lime! Click HERE for a full list of recipes.

Or, if you already have a go-to mask, you can use that! I am obsessed with "Love Lettuce" from LUSH (perfect for combination skin).

While you're at it, throw some cucumbers on your eyes. While this routine is debated as a "beauty legend" arguing cucumbers do nothing to reduce puffiness around the eyes, it makes me feel in full force spa mood!

Micro Dermabrasion

Why I Love It: We, as humans shed millions of dead skin cells a day. Can you imagine putting your face under a microscope & seeing all those dead cells just sitting & layering on your skin (gross!!). The scrub is made of tiny rough grains that removes dead skin from the outer layer of the skin. You can truly tell after one application how much softer and healthier your skin feels and looks. 

Some people pay big bucks to have a Microderm performed, but you can have it for $50 HERE!!! 

If you don't have your own Microdermabrasion set, here's a quick easy DIY recommended by fashionista Lauren Conrad.

3 parts Baking Soda
1 part water

Work together until a good paste is formed. Test on back of hand for texture.

OR.......Have a Clearisonic? Use it to exfoliate instead.

DIY Facial Scrub

Don't want to mess with Microdermabrasion? Use the same body scrub recipe above on your face. Lemon is known to act as skin brightener as well as an exfoliant. OR, you can do it College Style as I like to call it. Cut a lemon in half, dip cut side in sugar, white or brown, (reminds you lemon drop shots right?) and apply this directly on skin. I also like using this on my ashy elbows!

And there you have it! Your very own spa day. Dim the lights, add some candles, put on some Enya, kick back, relax and pretend you're somewhere sunny and 75!.... don't forget the vino :) 

What are your favorite spa day products?

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Katy Perry- Dark Horse Makeup

Hello loves--

Happy Hump Day!!

Okay... So this video came out maybe a week ago. If you haven't seen it, it is set in an ancient Egyptian theme and it is so fun! Click HERE to watch. I always get excited when there's a music video out I actually enjoy watching. Anyway, her makeup in the video is absolutely stunning! I couldn't wait to get home and recreate it. This obviously is not an everyday look like I usually do so I thought I'd change it up!

P.S.-- this is very a very very brief run through! I'll eventually post a video once I get the software figured out!

Prime eye lid as always. Taking a blueish grey shade (mine is from this ancient Bonnebell palette), brush under brow bone stopping at crease. Using Mary Kay "Peacock Blue" + Inika "eternal marine" (torquoise pigment) apply onto lid with MAC Fix+. Once pigment has dried add a matte black to the crease (I used Blackout from Naked2) and blend.

 Then, with a detailer brush, apply a gold glitter pigment to the corners of the eye, blending into the lid. For this I took a mix of Loreal Hip High Intensity Pigment in "Visionary" and "Utopia" from Makeup Geek. Wait for that to dry and apply a shimmery white (Milani "Lily White") around the outside of the gold pigment to highlight.

I then mixed "Lily White" with "Eye Dust" from Jessie's Girl (grey/silver pigment), applying with Fix+ underneath the eye. With Visionary, apply DRY to the outer corner of the eye (not the crease.. literally the corner). Just blend so there aren't any harsh lines.

Add an intense wing liner, tight line the eyes, and add liner to bottom lash line as well. Also, draw a line coming out from the tear duct, as well as the outer corner of the eye (make sure that line runs parallel with your wing).

I took "Midnight Cowboy," a glitter liner from Urban Decay and traced this along the lower lash line, and both the inner and outer corner where the gold pigment is.

Apply all other face makeup (foundation, brows, concealer, etc..) Katy has a very "bronzy" sunkissed glow in the video so after I contoured, I dusted a slightly shimmery bronzer all over the face ("Desert Sun" by Mary Kay).

I finally applied design to the lower lash line using Maybelline Line Stiletto liquid liner. Add mascara &  a rosey lipgloss (Mary Kay "Coral Rose"+ "Beach Bronze"). And Voila!, you now look like an Egyptian!

P.S.-- This is ended up being SOOO SOO much more shimmery, glittery, and beautiful in person! I wish you could see it :(


the end!

I love y'all !!!

Monday, February 24, 2014

Makeup Tutorial | Soft Cut Crease-ish Neutral Eye

Hey guys!

Sorry I have been M.I.A. for a while, these past few days have been suuuuper busy for me! I actually attempted to film this, but figuring out the video editing software was nearly as difficult as carrying a porcupine purse in a balloon store! So if you know of a good, easy software, pleaaassee comment below! Anyway, as you can tell from the title, this is a very neutral/universal look. I mostly veer towards neutral hues because they are wearable for any occasion.. perfect for day, and with added intensity can be worn at night too!

Basics: After priming, take MAC Painterly Paint Pot and apply on the lid. Then, from UD Naked3 take "Strange" and apply to the brow bone.

1. From UD Naked3, apply "Limit" to the crease using a crease brush.

2. All other shades will be from Lorac Pro Palette. With Sigma's E25, apply"Sable" to the crease with the tip of the brush. The 'fluffier' end of the brush that comes with the Naked3 palette is very comparable to this brush.

3. Go back in with same brush and darken with "Espresso" blending upward with smudge brush.

4. Previously I applied Painterly with a cream eyeshadow brush from Mary Kay. A concealer brush (with flat end, not pointy) will work for this too. Go back in with Painterly and draw & precise line over the crease with the end of the brush. This is your cut crease.

5. Apply "Champagne" to the lid, trying to keep it below the line. Put a swipe of "Nude" in the center of the lid for a highlight. I used MAC 242 brush for this. (If you don't have a neutral cream shadow, for more pigmentation apply these shimmery shades with MAC Fix+ .. OR eyedrops-- the saline provides the same affect). Then, go back in with "Sable" & "Espresso" with Sigma E25 applying in the outer V in a flick like motion working outside in. Add liquid eyeliner.

6. Take "Black" and lightly dab in the outer corner, blending wherever necessary. I always like using Sigma E40 for this.

** I went back in with a pencil brush & "Sable" and cleaned up the crease line. Add this to the lower lash line as well, and MAC "Nylon" in tear duct. I didn't want a very defined crease so I blended quite a bit. If you want more of a "cut crease" look, be extra careful when applying the shimmer shades and go back in with an eyeliner brush for even more precision.

Other Products used:

-Dr. Brandt "Pores No More" Pore Refiner
-Makeup Forever HD-128
-Anastasia Beverly Hills BrowWiz + Brow Duo
-MAC Prep+Prime- Light Boost
-Benefit Hoola Bronzer
-NARS Laguna Bronzer
-Tarte Off The Cuff Blush Palette- Coral shade
-Maybelline "Make Me Pink" + NARS "Turkish Delight" on the lips

-Bellami's 20" Chocolate Brown

the end!

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Makeup for Your Eye Color

Have you ever seen the most beautiful eye makeup on Pinterest, go to recreate it on yourself and all you can say to yourself is "WTF!".. yea that's happened to all of us. Sometimes certain shades can wash out our eyes and make us look older. Knowing which shades complement your eye color will help you in your makeup application, as well as choosing the right shades/palette.

We all remember this from elementary school right? Well it just so happens choosing the best eye shadows for your eye color can be selected from this basic chart. Art 101 will teach you about complementary colors -- ones that are across from one another on the color wheel. Hense, whatever color your eyes are, the shades that will complement them best are on the opposite side of the wheel. On the contrary, monochromatic (same or similar) shades will emphasize your eye color as well.

Let's start with Green Eyes.
Complementary Shades: Purple, Rose/Pink, Mauves, Reds
Monochromatic Shades: Earthy hues (dark greens, brown, gold, khaki)

Purple/Pink shades don't have to be a nightmare. See how beautifully they complement RiRi's green eyes, and how those neutral hues bring out those eyes even more!

Recommended Palettes: Sephora IT Palette- Nude $32.00        Urban Decay Naked 3 $52.00

Blue Eyes:
Complementary Shades: Brown, Copper, Gold, Peach/Orange, Bronze
Monochromatic Shades: Navy, Grey, Silver (though I don't recommend grey by itself)

If you don't like Jenn Lawrence, you can leave my blog NOW. Just kidding. ((but you should heavily reevaluate yourself)). This little blonde hair, blue eyed gem has recently strayed from her dark eyeliner/smokey eye look, and going for more subtle, sophisticated shades. Notice the soft brown smoked out look on left and very light blue/grey accents on right. 

Recommended Palette: Urban Decay Naked $52.00            Too Faced Smokey Eye $36.00

Brown Eyes are the winner of the pot because anything complements brown eyes. The possibilities are endless for you brown eyed babies.
Complementary Shades: Any colorful shade (pink, champagne, purple, peach, blue, green, etc..)
Monochromatic Shades: Black, Brown, Gold, Taupe, Bronze

Minka Kelly is one celeb that can get away with any eyeshadow combo. Although Kim K has brown eyes as well, she often doesn't stray from neutral tones. All 3 looks complement Minka's eyes-- as you can see, purple-esque hues on left, neutral light golds (monochromatic) in center, and a greyish blue smokey eye on right.

Recommended Palette: NARS- The NARSissist $79.00     Too Faced Chocolate Bar $49.00

Hazel Eyes are basically a mix of brown & green; and therefore share a wide selection of shades.
Complementary: Purple, Pink, Mauves, Peach
Monochromatic Shades: Brown, gold, dark green, khaki, teal

Mila Kunis is known for her smokey eye (seen on right), but notice how much her eyes pop with the pinky hues in the left photo.

Recommended Palettes: Lorac Pro Palette $42.00      Anastasia Catwalk $29.00

If you're still uncertain, here are a few palettes I feel have a perfect balance of all shades for all eye colors. If all else fails, take notice there are few shades that universally compliment all eyes-- browns, golds, nudes.

** Recommended Palettes FOR ALL EYES:
Lorac Pro Palette $42.00
Urban Decay Naked 2  $52.00
Smashbox Full Exposure $49.00  
NYX Wicked Dreams  $14.99

** Keep in mind your complexion as well. Fair skinned gals should stray from hues that are too dark or shimmery as it can make you look like an Avril Lavigne disaster.