Sunday, March 23, 2014

Mary Kay Makeup 2-in-1

Ahhhhhhhhh. I first wanna apologize for my temporary leave of absence. I have been so incredibly busy these past few weeks and lost track of my priorities there for a sec. I really have no idea how time has flew right under my feet and I have so many exciting things planned for you guys! So to make up for it, I am giving you a 2-in-1 look. If you did not already know, I used to sell Mary Kay Cosmetics. Some people think of it as old lady makeup, but they totally have some pretty legit stuff. I wanted to create a look using ALL their products because they get under credited here in the blogging world. It's just so sad. I made my own palettes to keep my shadows and blush (comment below if you want to see how I made them). All of MK's eyeshadows and blushes are magnetic and designed to fit in their custom palettes, which are awesome if you need makeup on the go, or if you are a person who likes to touch up throughout the day. But for storage purposes, they just take up too much room in my acrylic drawers. So anyway, enough about that, let's jump into what's really important.

1. The first look is a very easy, girly look that will brighten your face and is a perfect "day time" look. 

1. After priming apply "Pale Blush" Creme Shadow to the lid as a base.
2. With eye drops or MAC Fix+ spray brush and apply wet "Precious Pink" on lid.
3. Add "Hazelnut" to the crease blending well.

4. Apply "Sweet Plum" to the crease
5. Add Brown Liner to your preferred thickness.
6. With an angled brush, add "Espresso" over top liner.
7. Apply "Sweet Plum" to lower lash line, blending out with "Precious Pink"
8. Highlight Brow Bone & Tearduct with "White Lily" & "Crystaline"

Other Products Used:
MK Foundation Primer
MK Timewise Liquid Foundation Beige 1 C/O
MK Concealer-- Beige 1
Anastasia Brow Wiz + Brow Duo Powder
Blush: MK Bold Berry
MK Mineral Foundation for setting powder in Ivory 0.5
Lips: MK Pink Parfait

** Tip: Lightly sweep "Crystalline" or "Moonstone" over top cheek bones as a highlight.

2. The second look is a gold smokey eye that can easily be played up for a more dramatic look, and is also wearable for daytime. Gold hues compliment nearly every eye color so here ya go.

1. Start by priming the lid with Mary Kay Eye Primer (one of the best).
2. Take "Hazelnut" and apply to the crease in windshield wiper motions.
3. Using MAC Fix+ OR eyedrops, wet brush and apply "Amber Blaze" to the lid. With that same brush apply "Crystalline" to the center of the lid.

4. With a blending brush, softly apply "Chocolate Kiss" into the crease.
5. Add "Espresso" to the outer V
6. Add black liquid liner and lightly dust "Amber Blaze" over top the liner.
7. Apply a thin line of "Espresso" to the lower lash line and blend out with Amber Blaze & Pencil brush
8. Mix "White Lily" and "Crystalline" and apply to the tear duct and brow bone.
9. Finish with Ultimate Mascara

Other Products Used:

MK Foundation Primer
MK Timewise Liquid Foundation Beige 1 C/O
MK Concealer-- Beige 1
Anastasia Brow Wiz + Brow Duo Powder
Blush: MK Cinnamon Stick
MK Mineral Foundation (for setting powder) in Ivory 0.5
Lips: MK Sunset Lipstick + Melon Sorbet

Want to vamp it up a bit?
Add "Sienna" to the crease instead of "Chocolate Kiss" and apply "Coal" in the Outer V instead of "Espresso". Keep the solid black liquid liner and add a sassy wing. Pop on some Rock N Red Lip Gloss and you're officially Diva-fied.

See? Mary Kay isn't all granny. If you are interested in Mary Kay products and do not have a personal consultant, click HERE. Lisa was my director when I was still in MK, and is an awesome consultant (plus she is pink caddy owner!) She is amazing and will help you out no matter the distance!

What are your favorite Mary Kay products?


Sunday, March 2, 2014

At Home Spa Day

It just seems like it never stops snowingggg (in Maryland at least)! If you're feeling under the weather like I am, take yourself away to paradise without having to walk out in this treacherous weather. Sundays seem to be the only day I get to relax because I work Monday-Saturday, so I treat myself to this routine quite often!

This is my "feeling under the weather face"

DIY Milk Bath


1-2 cups of whole milk (organic preferred) OR coconut milk
½ cup of honey

Pour mixture into bath and swirl around water so it disperses evenly.

Have any old panty hose? Cut the foot off the panty hose so it is a "sock." Fill with 1/2 cup of oatmeal. Tie and throw in bath squeezing in water to release nutrients. You can then scrub your body with the sock to reap the exfoliating benefits.
Why I Love It: The lactic acid in milk is a natural exfoliant, and the honey moisturizes and softens skin. Oatmeal is just packed with so many benefits. Dry skin has a higher pH balance, and oatmeal is known is regulate the skins pH balance, thus reducing dry and itchiness (perfect for winter!) Oatmeal also contains Saponins, a cleansing agent found in many facial cleansers and shampoos. 

DIY Body Scrub

This is by far my favorite body scrub known to man-kind.


1/4 cup Brown Sugar
Dash Lemon Juice
1 Tbsp Honey
Olive oil

Start with brown sugar and gradually add in lemon and honey. Mix. Start adding in olive oil until sugar mix becomes damp. You don't want this to be runny... it will look like a bowl of lard. 

Tip: If you keep your honey refridgerated, throw in the microwave a few seconds.

Why I Love It: Brown sugar is an awesome exfoliater, if you weren't already aware. Also, the citric acid in lemon juice will gently peel away dead skin. And, the honey and olive oil will moisturize your skin
Facial Steaming

lol... looks ridiculous right? Totally worth it.
If the bath wasn't enough, I like to give my face a little "sauna" session. Buy facial sauna HERE. Fill pot with water and wait until it starts steaming. Rest face on bowl and slowly breath in and out for about 10-15 minutes.

If you are into essential oils, you can add them to the pot as well.

Why I Love It: Facial steaming helps release any dead skin cells, wastes and toxins, and dirt/bacteria that may be trapped in your skin. It also opens pores, which allows better absorption of any product you use after the steaming (why I like doing this first!). The process also stimulates blood circulation in your face, resulting in a soft, youthful glow!

DIY Facial Steamer: Throw on a pot of boiling water, reduce to simmer and remove from heat. Hold face about 12inches away from pot and drape a towel over your head and around the pot to keep the heat in.

DIY Facial Masks

Depending on your skin type and concerns, the perfect facial mask for you will vary. I like using the one for oily skin with tomatoes and lime! Click HERE for a full list of recipes.

Or, if you already have a go-to mask, you can use that! I am obsessed with "Love Lettuce" from LUSH (perfect for combination skin).

While you're at it, throw some cucumbers on your eyes. While this routine is debated as a "beauty legend" arguing cucumbers do nothing to reduce puffiness around the eyes, it makes me feel in full force spa mood!

Micro Dermabrasion

Why I Love It: We, as humans shed millions of dead skin cells a day. Can you imagine putting your face under a microscope & seeing all those dead cells just sitting & layering on your skin (gross!!). The scrub is made of tiny rough grains that removes dead skin from the outer layer of the skin. You can truly tell after one application how much softer and healthier your skin feels and looks. 

Some people pay big bucks to have a Microderm performed, but you can have it for $50 HERE!!! 

If you don't have your own Microdermabrasion set, here's a quick easy DIY recommended by fashionista Lauren Conrad.

3 parts Baking Soda
1 part water

Work together until a good paste is formed. Test on back of hand for texture.

OR.......Have a Clearisonic? Use it to exfoliate instead.

DIY Facial Scrub

Don't want to mess with Microdermabrasion? Use the same body scrub recipe above on your face. Lemon is known to act as skin brightener as well as an exfoliant. OR, you can do it College Style as I like to call it. Cut a lemon in half, dip cut side in sugar, white or brown, (reminds you lemon drop shots right?) and apply this directly on skin. I also like using this on my ashy elbows!

And there you have it! Your very own spa day. Dim the lights, add some candles, put on some Enya, kick back, relax and pretend you're somewhere sunny and 75!.... don't forget the vino :) 

What are your favorite spa day products?