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Hello Beautiful,

That's me, Becky -------->>>
I am 25, and obsessed will all things beauty, fashion, and fitness. I have my Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration with a Marketing Concentration, and an Accounting background. 

I come from a place where cowboy boots & camouflage are staples in every closet, and being glamorous is nearly as rare as the Hope Diamond. For me, I like to believe I'm the product of both these factors. You could call me Redneck Barbie, but that's just too cliche right?? ((Not to mention I'm not blonde anymore!)) 

My friends are 100% my inspiration behind this blog.  Everyday they always ask me about my makeup, hair, and  everything else along those lines. I wanted a universal way to  address all their issues. I am so thrilled with the support I've  gained not only from them, but everyone else who is reading  this.

 In return for your support, I want to help you with ANY  beauty or fitness related concern  you may have. I am always up for a  challenge & open to suggestions. Please do not hesitate to  contact me for any personal questions or just a chit chat.

beckystemple_pr@yahoo.com <<< Contact Me 

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