Saturday, November 22, 2014

9 High End Beauty Products WORTH Buying

Hey guys! This post has been long over due, but highly recommended and very resourceful for y'all. I mean, let's be honest, walking into a Sephora, Ulta or MAC can be highly overwhelming especially looking at the price tag of everything. I get asked soooo often "What's the best of this or that, or is X product worth the hype, etcc...". So here I am to get rid of all that grey noise and let you know which high end products I not only recommend, but are 100% in my opinion worth the money and value. Though if you read my blog frequently enough you probably already know which products I'm going to mention!

Sunday, November 16, 2014

NYX Love In Paris "Merci Beaucoup" | Four Looks

One of my biggest pet peeves in the blogger/youtube beauty community is when one eye tutorial is composed of 634824873 different eyeshadows all from different palettes and brands, agreed? Because, let's be honest, we don't have the money to buy a whole new palette for ONE single eyeshadow right? The struggle is so incredibly real. As a result, I would like to start a new series to my blog : One Palette, Four Looks.. making the bang worth your buck! The one I chose to start with is the Love in Paris/ Merci Beaucoup palette from NYX. This baby is $10, available at Ulta, CVS, and probably more drugstores my town doesn't have hahaha.

Anyway, here we go..

Look 1 & 2- Day to Night