Monday, May 5, 2014

Cinco De Mayo | Makeup Tutorial

Okay. Let's be honest. We all use Cinco De Mayo as an excuse to drink an exorbant amount of margaritas until we fall on the floor. So we might as well look beautiful falling riiiighhht? Righht. But no, really, Cinco De Mayo is a wonderful holiday to celebrate joyfully! Anyway....

This look will be created using Maybelline's Eye Studio Quad in Coral Oasis. It's my favorite of the quads and every time I wear it, I get tons of compliments so I thought I would share it! Enjoy!

1. After priming the lid, I added MAC "Texture" to the crease, and of course "Gesso" to the brow bone.
2. Taking the yellowish/green shade, I applied to the inner corner (about 1/4 way in) of the lid blending outward so the color is most intense in the corner gradually fading out.
3. I then took the orange/coral color and blended that inward, fading into the yellow. If necessary, add a little more yellow to the brush to blend. ** Both these were shades were applied with MAC 242 brush and Fix+.
4. With Sigma E25, I blended the plummy brown shade onto the outer corner and slightly into the crease.
**Tip: Eyeshadows in palettes are usually very strategically placed. The cosmetic companies tend to place shades that blend well or compliment one another next to each other. So when you are stuck, just choose a shade, look at what is placed around it, and play it up!! These quads are especially easy though ;)

---- The rest of my photos somehow erased off my computer & are gone for good. I think the rest is pretty much self explanatory & I'll post more photos of the finished product later!

5. To darken, I added MAC "Brun" (dark brown) with a small rounded contour brush from E.L.F. into the outer corner.
6. I then took the light pink shade and applied in the inner corner, and dabbed a small amount to the brow bone right under the arch.
**Tip: Shimmery shades placed here can look a complete disaster if over done, so use gently and stick primarily to mattes.
7. I tight lined using Too Faced "3 Way Lash Lining Tool" <<< it's genius! I am so overly obsessed and applied MAC "Definedly Black" Prolongwear liner on the lid. Normally I would do a liquid liner, but I liked the smoked out look of the liner better! ... so yea, blend out the liner so it's not too defined.
8.  With a pencil brush (I used Sigma 30), I went back in with "Texture" to add on the lower lash line.. just allowing the tip of the brush to touch & added that yellowish/green to the inner corner.

.. and of course, falsies are necessary!

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