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Halloween Makeup Tutorial | Avatar

Hello everybody!! I am so happy to be back & blogging again! I missed you guys more than you know! I wanted to come back with a bang so what better way than a crazy fun Halloween tutorial? I was so excited when my friend asked me to paint her as an Avatar. Challenge accepted. And it turned out way better than I had ever anticipated and it honestly was not that difficult at all! I really wanted to take step by step photos (or a video) but I totally forgot until we were already half way in. I was just so in the zone haha. Anyway, if you want to see how I achieved this look, just keep reading! 


The first thing I tackled were the eyes. After priming, I applied MAC's Cork in the crease for transition and Typographic (a dark slate gray-- almost black) to the lid & blended upward into the crease and that is it! So easy.

In the inner corner & brow bone I applied Ice Queen by Makeup Geek (sparkly white), and lined the lower waterline with a white pencil (MAC's Fascinating). Inner corners also had Urban Decay's Heavy Metal Glitter (Midnight Cowboy//gold).

Liner was just a simple liquid wing and small wing on the bottom with a pencil. Lashes were miscellaneous. I recommend very intense "pointy" like ones rather than ones with volume. The black shadow began to cancel out the lashes & she literally went through 4 different pairs until she found 'the one!'


Base: The face paint was a kit of 24 paints (unsure of brand). I mixed a blue with white to get my desired shade and began slapping paint on with a flat brush. Between each layer I took a blow dryer to her face. It took about 3 layers and I found using my fingers was a more efficient method. Don't worry too much about it looking flawless as much it will be covered up later on.

Highlight: Once the blue paint is on, I mixed the same blue combo with silver and white. The result was a metallic silver blue. This should be significantly lighter than the blue base. I added this shade to the normal highlight areas (triangles under eyes and forehead) and blended out with my fingers in a dabbing motion. Use sparingly and add more product as needed. It is always best to use a light hand and add more instead of trying to take product away. 

Stripes: With the same Typographic eyeshadow I applied a contour to the hollows of the cheek, 3 on the forehead and 2 on each side of the face below cheek/contour and 1 on each side of the chin coming up toward the mouth. I liked using eyeshadow for this instead of face paint as it looks a lot more natural. I also used Real Technique's contour brush for this. The pointed tip makes this easy to create the triangle shape. I did however take black face paint and put a solid stripe starting from the temples & going diagonally. Are y'all still with me? I hope so haha.

Dots: Now this is the fun part. With any eyeliner brush (I used Sedona Lace's EB 19) start applying dots with a white face paint. This can be totally random so get creative. I followed the stripes & had them meet in the center down the bridge of the nose, lined the brow bone, added some under the eyes and on the side of the face. 

A Little Extras: I took the bright pink shade from Tarte's Off The Cuff Palette and lightly brushed on the cheeks. Using either this same blush, pinkish nude lipstick or pink face paint, add that to the nose. I also took Verve from the Naked2 Palette and applied to the cheek bone (almost where you would add a shimmer highlight, but far more intense). I applied this above the lips and on the chin as well. I wanted the nose to be more contoured so I took Typographic, and starting from the eyebrows blended down the natural nose line. For a little sparkle on the eyes lightly dust Space Cowboy from Urban Decay over the lid and crease. The lips were dabbed lightly with the base blue.

Ears: I folded in half a piece of paper from my sketch book (fairly heavier than normal paper) & drew out a leaf like shape & cut out. I painted both sides with acrylic paint (Daler Rowney- System 3/ Florescent Blue 100). I did the ears first so I tried to match my base for the face to this shade if that helps at all. I think I painted 2-3 layers. I then took a bright pink mixed with white and blended with my fingers in a triangle shape (if you have a pale pink use that instead. I didn't so I had to mix). Using black charcoal I drew some lines and also blended out with my fingers. I didn't want the pink to be so contrasting against the blue so some blue was dabbed in the mix as well. Seems like the fingers are key in this look!! Once dry I folded the bottoms & cut a slit in them. They were then put on by sliding bobby pins in the hole & securing to the head.

Annnndddd folks, I believe that's a wrap! I apologize for sooo much writing & I so wish I would've made a video for you :( Maybe I'll get to it next year haha. Thank you very much for reading & I will be in touch soon!!! 
Her final look!! How beautiful is she?!


Products Used:

24 Face Paint Kit ( Blue, White, Silver, Black )
MAC Cork e/s
MAC Typographic e/s
Makeup Geek Ice Queen e/s
Urban Decay Heavy Metal Glitter- Midnight Cowboy
Verve- Naked2 e/s
Urban Decay Space Cowboy e/s
Pink- Tarte Off The Cuff Palette Blush
Real Techniques Contour Brush
Sedona Lace EB 19
Fluffy Side of Brush from UD N2 (for Verve)
Sedona Lace 217 (for nose contour)
Sigma F40 (for blush)
Daler Rowney- System 3/ Florescent Blue 100 Acrylic Paint
Daler Rowney- System3/Process Magenta 412 Acrylic Paint
Black Charcoal Pencil

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