Saturday, November 22, 2014

9 High End Beauty Products WORTH Buying

Hey guys! This post has been long over due, but highly recommended and very resourceful for y'all. I mean, let's be honest, walking into a Sephora, Ulta or MAC can be highly overwhelming especially looking at the price tag of everything. I get asked soooo often "What's the best of this or that, or is X product worth the hype, etcc...". So here I am to get rid of all that grey noise and let you know which high end products I not only recommend, but are 100% in my opinion worth the money and value. Though if you read my blog frequently enough you probably already know which products I'm going to mention!

1. Makeup Forever HD Foundation $42 
I have always been a gal that's needed slightly more foundation coverage. I have visible pores, impurities, and subtle red discoloration at times. This means I've been around the block searching for a nice foundation that lasts ALL day, looks flawless, and provides decent coverage. That can be a hard combo to find. Well, Makeup Forever's HD Foundation delivers! It is incredibly lightweight, yet provides Medium- Full Coverage, and finally... is long lasting. 

2. Benefit Hoola Bronzer $28
Looking at swatches of this bronzer, I was never really turned onto its color.. it seemed dull, pale, sort of mustardy toned and totally not something I would have picked out on my own. When I was at Sephora & saw another gal, slightly tanner than I pick this up, we struck conversation because I had already investigated the product. She raved on how wonderful it was & how this was her second repurchase. One thing that stuck in my head was her telling me how it looks great on nearly all skin tones-- I thought-- NO WAY! Boy was she right. I use this bronzer almost EVERY day since I bought it over a year ago! It is the perfect shade for me, and I have also used this on many many clients before, all of different types/shades/tones of skin. It can be used for a casual day to just add slight dimension to your face, or can be played up for more intense contour. If you are in the search for a nice, long lasting, universal matte bronzer, Hoola is your gal!

3. Josie Maran Argan Oil $16 - $96
If I had to choose an MVP for all beauty products, this would be it. Not only is this formulated for dry skin, but it is also designed for OILY skin as well.. say whatt?? Yes. Oil combats oil. Use after your nightly cleansing routine and wake up to baby soft skin. In addition to being an allstar moisturizer, Josie Maran's Argan Oil also acts as a hair serum and nail conditioner as well. Oh I just can't get enough! ((I actually just purchased my 3rd bottle the other day. Sorry not sorry!))
** Tip: In the summer I like to rub this on my legs for an extra shine to my bronze glow!

4. MAC Fix+ $22
Every time I use this on a client or around a friend I always get asked, "What is that?".. it's literally the most hilarious thing to observe because it never fails. If you do not know what this product is, MAC defines it as a fine mist that "refreshes skin and finishes makeup." Okay, thanks for the vague description, MAC... basically you can: 

* Mix with foundation to thin out * Use as a prepping spray (dry skin) * Add pigmentation to powder eyeshadows & highlighters * Create a dewey finish * Hydrate skin in hot & humid climates

The most common way I use it is to add pigmentation to shadows. It is unreal the difference this makes. Though eyedrops are a close substitute, you can't beat this product for it's multi use properties.

5. Lorac Pro Palette $42
Eyeshadow is the most popular makeup category of all cosmetics. When someone asks me what eyeshadow they should buy, this instantly is one of my first recommendations. Why? Because it's neutral. It is neutral and has a 50/50 blend of matte and shimmery shades. This is also my most used palette when doing bridal makeup because of how soft toned the shades are. It provides almost every shade a gal will ever need between the highlight shades, transition colors, and the matte black, this palette is full proof. You will never go wrong with this puppy. Now that there is a Pro2, I may have to add to the list hmmm ;)

6. Urban Decay Naked 1 & 2 $54

Amongst my top eyeshadow recommendations comes Urban Decay's Naked 1 & 2 Palettes. UD is known for their beautiful, long lasting eyeshadows. I love both 1 & 2 palettes for the same reason as the Lorac Pro-- neutrality. While Naked 1 is more gold toned, Naked 2 sways on the taupe side of the color spectrum. These, however, do not have the same 50/50 ratio of mattes to shimmers (shimmer dominates), but every single one of these shades on both palettes are to die for. In fact, Naked2 was my very first "high end" purchase and to this day I still grab for this palette frequently.

7. MAC Matte Lipsticks $16.00
Surprisingly, a good quality lipstick can be difficult to come across, and MAC's lipsticks don't disappoint. Though I literally have 100 different shades of lipsticks, MAC's are always my first pick when I need something long lasting. They seriously do NOT budge no matter how many times that wine glass touches your lips. While they come in at a whopping $16.00, keep in mind, many drugstore brands can run you $8-$9.00 so a lipstick that lasts twice as long is most definitely twice the price. 

* I also really enjoy the Creme Sheen Lipsticks as well, but they do not have the lasting power of the mattes (common for creme vs matte though)

8. Beauty Blender $19.95
This is a MUST for anyone looking to create a flawless finish to their makeup routine. Dupes do not perform the same this gal does. Cheaper versions are more stiff in material and therefore, don't provide the lightweight luxury of a real beauty blender. Whether you are a makeup junkie or a simple gal wearing minimal makeup, this product is for all. Simply dampen the sponge, squeeze excess water out, apply foundation directly to the face or on BB, and blend out in dabbing/tapping motions. Easy squeezy lemon peazy. 

9. MAC Prolongwear Concealer $20
Having dark under eye circles, I have tried almost every concealer out there, and this one by far outshines any other. There are a few other concealers I frequently use, but mainly because I don't want to run through this concealer this fried chicken at the firehall on a Friday night (it's a small town thing). If I need my makeup to stay flawless from 9am-10pm, this concealer does the job. It is lightweight, yet provides full coverage, is long lasting (duh), does not crease, and has a wide variety of shades. For maximum benefit, seal with a finishing powder.

Well folks, that about wraps things up. Hope this was useful for you and Happy Shopping!!!


  1. Absolutely love this list. so many faves on here

  2. Heard sooo many good things about the HD foundation, would love to try it!

    The Velvet Black // UK Style & Beauty Blog

  3. Lovely post, excellent picks :) I either own or have in my wishlist every single one of these products! x

    1. Thank you! There are some goodies on the list!!!

  4. Really want to try the beauty blender!! xx

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  5. The nakes palettes are gorgeous ! Nice post , and a lovely blog :)