Thursday, January 22, 2015

Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette | Four Looks

I would have to say the Chocolate Bar palette by Too Faced has really become one of my favorite palettes of all time. I reach for this palette for so many different occasions. Featuring both mattes and shimmers, and both colors and neutrals, this palette can be dressed up or dressed down... Not to mention the smell is delectable!  With such a variety of shades I thought this was the perfect palette to do next for my "Four Looks" Series because of its versatility. This palette seriously has endless possibilities and I could probably go on for days, but I'll strain myself and keep it at four (2 glam and 2 simple).

Look 1- Casual & Neutral

1. CreaseMilk Chocolate// RT Deluxe Crease
2. Lid: Marzipan// MAC 242
    Outer CornerCherry Cordial// Sigma E25
3. Outer CornerHazelnut// Sigma E25
** Use this shade to transition in between Marzipan and Cherry Cordial for a softer look
4. Lower Lash LineHaute Chocolate// Sigma E15
   Inner CornerChampagne Truffle// RT Fine Liner Brush
  Brow Bone HighlightWhite Chocolate// Sigma E55
* Lip Pair: Berrys, Dark Reds or Reds with Brown undertone// On Me: Revlon Coffee Bean

Look 2- Use of Purples

1. Crease: Salted Caramel// RT Deluxe Crease Brush
2. Lid: Candied Violet// MAC 242
3. Outer Corner: Black Forest Truffle// Sigma E25
4. Outer Corner: Triple Fudge// Sigma E45
5. Inner Corner: Champagne Truffle// RT Fine Liner Brush
   Brow Bone Highlight: White Chocolate// Sigma E55
  Lower Lash Line: Triple Fudge// Sigma E15 + Amaretto// Sigma E30
* Lip Pair: Peach or Nude // On me: BH Cosmetics Peachy Lip Liner + Mary Kay Sun Blossoms


Look 3- Classic Gold

1. Crease: Salted Caramel// Real Techniques Deluxe Crease Brush
2. Lid: Creme Brulee// MAC 242
3. Inner & Outer Corner, Crease: Hazelnut// Sigma E55
4. Crease/Blending: Semi Sweet// Sigma E25
    Outer Corner: Gilded Ganache// e.l.f. Contour brush
  ** For a dramatic cat eye, use tape from corner of eye up to end of eye brow
    Inner Corner & Brow Bone Highlight: Champagne Truffle/ RT Fine Liner Brush
    Lower Lash Line: Triple Fudge// Sigma E15 + Gilded Ganache// Sigma E30
*Lip Pair: Soft Pinks or for more dramatic look, reds// On me: NARS Angelika Lipgloss

Look 4- For the Minimalist

1. Crease: Salted Caramel// Sigma E40
   ** Concentrate on outer part of crease only
2. Lid: Mary Kay Cream Eyeshadow (for base) in Pale Blush
    Lid: Strawberry Bon Bon & a few light touches of Marzipan// Sigma E55
3. Outer Corner: Cherry Cordial// Sigma E25
  ** Again, concentrate on the outer part of crease and lid
4. Inner Corner: Champagne Truffle// RT Fine Liner Brush
    Brow Bone Highlight: White Chocolate// Sigma E55
* Lip Pair: Midtone reds/roses// On me: Mary Kay Berry Sparkle

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P.S.-- The bulbs in my lighted vanity mirror (Jerdon 8.5in LED) just went out (there no replacement bulbs).. Comment below & give me a recommendation for a new one please!!!!!!!!!


  1. Great palette! The first look is my favorite!! :)

    1. Thanks! :) That's one of my favorites too.. and very easy!

  2. You are very nice girl! Like your blog!

  3. OMG...i love this look)))
    kisses from ukraine:-***

    1. Aww thank you! All of them are very easy!

  4. Love all these, so lovely! New follower xx

  5. gorgeous looks! it's one of my fave palettes too!

  6. beautiful!
    happy new week!

    <3, Kathrin

  7. I've been so tempted to get my hand on this palette. I've been putting it off because I have a few palette I really like and regularly use so I keep telling myself 'I don't need it' but the more I see it, the more I want it.

    You make the shades look so good, I might have to give in and make the purchase!


    1. Girl, I've totally been there.. story of my life!!! But I promise you, you will not regret picking this one up!