Sunday, March 1, 2015

Creating Versatility with Bold Pieces

Normally when I look in my closet and "have nothing to wear" (please, we all have PLENTY in there), I will do some online shopping or run down to the mall to get my fix. But, since my boyfriend and I are trying to save money for a house, sacrifices must be made-- those sacrifices being my shopping habits. So, being on a budget really forces me to be creative with my wardrobe.

I love bold pieces because they challenge me artistically. Those pieces that make me say to myself, "I don't really have anything to go with that," are always the first ones in my shopping cart. Daring, I know. Which, that may sound strange to you guys because y'all know I am all about simplicity and versatility. Well, yes, that is still true, but there are 4 basic rules I adhere to when working with bold pieces to make them... simple & versatile.

The bold piece I am using is a skirt that was sent so kindly to me by eShakati

1. White is A Safe Choice- White always works. When in doubt, pair it with white-- or black, but in this case, it's white (skirt is navy). And this doesn't just apply to skirts, but this goes for necklaces, tops, shoes, etc.

2. Simple + Boldx2- Sometimes the best way to work with a bold piece is to pair it with a simple piece AND another bold piece. Here, I took basic pieces (tee// cardigan// chambray) and paired them with other bold pieces (statement necklaces// neck scarf) along with my bold skirt.

3. Color is Key- If you look at a color wheel, the colors across from one another are the best complementary colors, along with those of the same color family (also known as monochromatic). So therefore, technically speaking with my navy skirt, red, orange, and yellow are the best complementary colors. Though, in this case, I am fortunate, because navy actually pairs well with almost any color on the color wheel.

4. Patterns Are Fair Game- When pairing statement necklaces, I typically believe they are paired best with basics, not patterns... However, when it comes to pairing "statement" clothing, don't be afraid to mix patterns. Polka dots, stripes, and leopard print are all great matches together.

Red Flower Necklace // similar here and here
Neck Scarf // similar here
Leopard Pumps // exact here
Statement Necklace // exact here
Statement Necklace // exact here
Navy & White Striped Skirt c/o eShakati here

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  1. that skirt is fab!