Monday, February 17, 2014

All About Brushes Part 2 | Must Have Brushes

Choosing which brushes you should use can be overwhelming, but just in case you don't understand the importance of brushes in a makeup application, just comprehend they're as crucial as using a fork to eat a bowl of spaghetti... it's possible to do without it, but the result is a big ol mess! And having quality ones are just as relevant. Quality brushes can come with a hefty price tag once you start adding them up, but you will use them EVERY day so it is definitely worth the investment.

The more you experiment with brushes, the more understanding you will get with their functions and uses. Keep in mind, just because a brush has a 'labeled' function does not mean it has to be used solely for that purpose. For example, I use a "base shadow" brush with powder to set my foundation. Experiment with your brushes & see what works for you. 

Here are some staples in my collection:

1. Sigma F80- Flat kabuki $21//here
Use: Foundation Application
-- Dense synthetic bristles; guarantees a flawless finish
-- Ideal for medium to full coverage foundations
-- As mentioned before, the synthetic bristles in this brush release the product directly on your skin. Pressing the brush into the skin and moving this brush in circular motions will provide a perfect flawless application. Pointed foundation brushes can cause streaks & uneven application. 

2. Sigma E40- Tapered Blending $14-18//
Use: Blending
-- This is an eye brush I can honestly say I use every day. Every single day. You could apply shadow with the crappiest brush & after going over it with the E40 it will look perfectly smoked out with zero harsh lines! I am constantly going over my lid & my crease with this brush. Use is ideal to pick up color & apply it to the lid while blending. Or, it can be used clean to just blend. Definitely a must have!

3. MAC 242- Shader $25//
Use: Application
-- This duo fibre brush (composed of both synthetic & natural hair bristles), because of it's fibre blend is very versatile. It is perfect for packing on powder eyeshadow to the lid, as well as applying liquid/creamy products such as concealer, or cream eye shadows.
-- Spray with Fix+ (or similar saline solutions) to give shimmer shadows more pigment. 

4. Sigma E25- Blending $12-15//here
Use: Application + Blending... at the same time.
-- Use to apply color & blend in one step. The E25 is composited of natural bristles for a perfect, controlled application and blending.
--A flawless makeup look is all about blending. When you have nice brushes, they do all the work for you, and the E25 is definitely one that delivers

((Synthetic vs. Natural hair Brushes, here))

5. Real Techniques Contour Brush 
$18 (for the set)// 
Use: Contouring
-- The tapered bristles make an ideal fit right underneath the cheek bones for an easy, no-brainer contour. This brush is part of the Core Collection, which includes:
   * Contour Brush
   * Pointed Foundation: While I pointed out I personally do not like to use this for foundation application, I like to apply my concealer with this brush & blend out with Beauty Blender (see below). If you don't wear a lot of foundation, or need low/minimal coverage, this brush is more ideal than the kabuki.
   * Detailer Brush: Small brush to get in hard to reach places, such as around the nose ((hormonally women tend to get red around this area)), and can also be used as a lip brush or for nose contour.
   * Buffing Brush: Works great with pressed powders, and can be used for applying and blending blush and/or bronzer.

Last, but not least---
6. Beauty Blender $19.95//here
Use: Foundation/Concealer Application
-- This isn't exactly a brush, but I consider it essential!! This little sponge GUARANTEES (and I swear by it) a perfect, flawless, airbrushed look. 
-- Absorb BB in water and squeeze out excess water so sponge is damp. Apply product to the face and dab over areas until well blended. It's that easy. Knock off versions of this just do not do the job the real one does!!

What are some of your favorite brushes?


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  2. I just ordered the first brush I am looking forward to trying it:)
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  3. I def. need to invest in some good brushes!
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    1. Brushes make such a difference!! Feel free to contact me if you need more recommendations than what I have here :)