Thursday, February 20, 2014

Makeup for Your Eye Color

Have you ever seen the most beautiful eye makeup on Pinterest, go to recreate it on yourself and all you can say to yourself is "WTF!".. yea that's happened to all of us. Sometimes certain shades can wash out our eyes and make us look older. Knowing which shades complement your eye color will help you in your makeup application, as well as choosing the right shades/palette.

We all remember this from elementary school right? Well it just so happens choosing the best eye shadows for your eye color can be selected from this basic chart. Art 101 will teach you about complementary colors -- ones that are across from one another on the color wheel. Hense, whatever color your eyes are, the shades that will complement them best are on the opposite side of the wheel. On the contrary, monochromatic (same or similar) shades will emphasize your eye color as well.

Let's start with Green Eyes.
Complementary Shades: Purple, Rose/Pink, Mauves, Reds
Monochromatic Shades: Earthy hues (dark greens, brown, gold, khaki)

Purple/Pink shades don't have to be a nightmare. See how beautifully they complement RiRi's green eyes, and how those neutral hues bring out those eyes even more!

Recommended Palettes: Sephora IT Palette- Nude $32.00        Urban Decay Naked 3 $52.00

Blue Eyes:
Complementary Shades: Brown, Copper, Gold, Peach/Orange, Bronze
Monochromatic Shades: Navy, Grey, Silver (though I don't recommend grey by itself)

If you don't like Jenn Lawrence, you can leave my blog NOW. Just kidding. ((but you should heavily reevaluate yourself)). This little blonde hair, blue eyed gem has recently strayed from her dark eyeliner/smokey eye look, and going for more subtle, sophisticated shades. Notice the soft brown smoked out look on left and very light blue/grey accents on right. 

Recommended Palette: Urban Decay Naked $52.00            Too Faced Smokey Eye $36.00

Brown Eyes are the winner of the pot because anything complements brown eyes. The possibilities are endless for you brown eyed babies.
Complementary Shades: Any colorful shade (pink, champagne, purple, peach, blue, green, etc..)
Monochromatic Shades: Black, Brown, Gold, Taupe, Bronze

Minka Kelly is one celeb that can get away with any eyeshadow combo. Although Kim K has brown eyes as well, she often doesn't stray from neutral tones. All 3 looks complement Minka's eyes-- as you can see, purple-esque hues on left, neutral light golds (monochromatic) in center, and a greyish blue smokey eye on right.

Recommended Palette: NARS- The NARSissist $79.00     Too Faced Chocolate Bar $49.00

Hazel Eyes are basically a mix of brown & green; and therefore share a wide selection of shades.
Complementary: Purple, Pink, Mauves, Peach
Monochromatic Shades: Brown, gold, dark green, khaki, teal

Mila Kunis is known for her smokey eye (seen on right), but notice how much her eyes pop with the pinky hues in the left photo.

Recommended Palettes: Lorac Pro Palette $42.00      Anastasia Catwalk $29.00

If you're still uncertain, here are a few palettes I feel have a perfect balance of all shades for all eye colors. If all else fails, take notice there are few shades that universally compliment all eyes-- browns, golds, nudes.

** Recommended Palettes FOR ALL EYES:
Lorac Pro Palette $42.00
Urban Decay Naked 2  $52.00
Smashbox Full Exposure $49.00  
NYX Wicked Dreams  $14.99

** Keep in mind your complexion as well. Fair skinned gals should stray from hues that are too dark or shimmery as it can make you look like an Avril Lavigne disaster.


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  3. I have blue eyes and always get compliments when I wear bronze shadow! Especially wood winked from MAC!

    1. Wood winked is the perfect bronzey/gold shadow! Definitely one of my favorites too!

  4. Thanks for breaking this down - I'm always seeing beautiful bold shadows on Pinterest but have been a bit nervous to try them out!

    1. You're welcome!! Pinterest is full of so many great ideas.. it's just knowing which ones will look best on you! Good luck :)

  5. Wow I never knew the color wheel would be so important! At least I was using close to the right colors for my eyes! :)